onsdag den 23. april 2014

Here is to being ALIVE ...

This post is part of the ALIVE in Berlin Blog Tour, which is spreading the power of ALIVENESS to the masses. Alive in Berlin is a global gathering devoted to personal transformation that takes place on the 30th and 31st of May 2014 in Europe’s most exciting city. The event will bring together world-class experts, visionaries and change makers from a variety of communities and disciplines. Together, we’ll explore the common threads that connect us and make us come alive. To learn more and join us, click here.
Sannie Terese Burén - Photo Alex Tran 2013
I have made a promise to write a blog entry today as part of a blog-roll for ALIVE – a very cool gathering, taking place in Berlin at the end of May. I chose today because it’s my fiftieth birthday and – being a writer and all - I thought writing about it would be a wonderful way to celebrate.
Yet, sitting down to write about my age and being ALIVE, I realize that some creepy old thoughts must have been lurking around in the dark corners of my mind, hiding from the light of consciousness until just this moment … And now they all scream NO! Don’t do it! Don’t tell people that you are now officially old!
You see, when I was a kid, people aged fifty were old. Not only were they old relatively to my own young age – they also saw themselves as old.
I recently saw a black and white TV-clip with a woman in a fur hat and sixties-glasses, harshly complaining about how young people no longer respected “the elderly people aged fifty”, like herself …  
That’s the mentality I grew up with.
When you were fifty in the sixties, your life was behind you. You had your family (or not) your career (or not) and were set in your ways, unlikely to ever change much unless circumstances outside you forced you to. All around there was a revolution of consciousness going on – but most people in the older generations just looked with astonishment and disbelief at how the old ways were falling apart. And the hair – oh, the hair!
But things are not like that anymore. And apart from the spooky inner voices from a distant past, most parts of me do feel rather excited about turning fifty. It truly feels like a new beginning. A time to leave unwanted and unnecessary things behind, like the thought that being fifty is old, or the notion that what anyone else thinks about it matters at all.
I guess in part I owe it to those longhaired revolutionaries, that I can now feel differently about my age than the lady in the fur hat, because with their generation, everything shifted and today you can be a seventy-year-old rock star.
Of course, it’s not for everyone to be an actual rock star – but everyone can be a “rock star” of sorts in their own life! That’s what being ALIVE means to me. It’s not about who you are or what you do – it’s about your willingness to be true to yourself and finding your own way in life. It’s not about being “young” either – in fact I think it’s cool to be getting older (and wiser) and I love that I can keep changing and creating new stories about who I am.
From an early age, I vowed to follow my dreams, and I did.
I hitchhiked alone through Europe at age 18 and soon after became an actor, which was my big childhood dream. When it turned into a nightmare, I didn’t cling but moved on to other adventures. I trained to be a psychotherapist and for a number of years being able to help clients release their trauma felt very fulfilling and when it wasn’t anymore, I stopped. In 2000, together with my husband, Jacob, I took a big leap of faith and moved from a small flat in the central of Copenhagen to a farm in the countryside to become self-employed with Æblegaarden B&B. When four years later we realized we needed some adjustments we sold the farm, moved to another part of the country and started all over again – only this time we had to completely renovate the farm first! (You can read the whole story about our Æblegaarden-adventure at our main website: www.aeblegaarden.dk)
I am the author and publisher of two books, I write for one of Denmark’s coolest magazines, I make a killer hummus and bake my own daily bread … I have so many talents and things to be grateful for.
But what makes me most proud is to be able to say that I have never been sleepwalking. I’ve had a lot of confusion and many emotional issues to work through. I had to learn which inner voices to listen to. It has not been easy and a lot of time so far was spend on inner composting. Now all that compost is ready to fertilize new dreams.
And frankly there are still many, so I don’t think I’ll ever have time to really grow old … At least not in the old fashioned way!
PS From the blog-roll I highly recommend Ivonne Senn’s blogpost about falling in love with money – something that is definitely on my to do list for the near future! J http://www.ivonnesenn.de/came-alive/
Sannie Terese Burén, Author, freelance journalist, hobby photographer and picture-holic, some would say a multi artist, with a nag for whole heartedness and creativity in all aspects. Emphasizes the adventure of life and love good stories. Dreams often about exotic palm beaches and blazing trails.
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